Miniature painting service

Stompa Studio is a professional commission miniature painting studio based in the Netherlands. We offer a personal & friendly service from start to finish, taking your wishes into account. We are here to help turn your creative ideas for wargaming miniatures into reality through experience and a massive amount of attention and dedication. Painting and creating is what we love to do…

Let us know your ideas. We can also help you choose the best options for painting and basing of your particular army.

painting options:

Tabletop +

Are you looking for a pretty army that matches your color ideas? We will help choosing the right colors and basing!

This means a model with multiple layers of color and highlights, decals if provided and a scenic base.


Do you need your army painted quick with a table top ready standard? We can do this very quick! Mostly within 2 weeks depending on the amount of models. 

This includes painting with a minimum of 3 colors. A simple colored base with basic tufts. 

painting examples tabletop +

painting examples Speedpaint


Tabletop +

All prices on this page are an indication of a fully painted model in a color scene of your choice. Prices may vary on your requirements and specific models. Some older models have less detail and will be lower in price.

miniatureexampleassembly pricepaint price per model
Small infantryGretchin, T’au drone€1,50€8,00
infantrySpace marine, Fire Warrior, Genestealer€2,00€10,00
medium infantryPrimaris marine€2,50€15,00
large infantryTerminator, Wraithguard€3,50€22,00
HQ infantrySpace marine Captain, Necron lord€3,50€35,00
Large HQ infantrySaint Celestine, Cawl€4,00€50,00
small MountedLight cavalry€4,00€25,00
Medium MountedSpace marine bike, Eldar Jetbike€5,50€35,00
Large MountedThunderwolf, Bloodcrusher€7,00€40,00
Small Monster/ VehicleDreadnougt, Rhino€10,00€60,00
Medium Monster/ VehiclePredator, Carnifex€13,00€90,00
Large Monster/ VehicleLand Raider, Crimson hunter, Riptide€20,00€150,00
SuperheavyImperial Knight, Baneblade€25,00€200,00
Titanthunderhawk, Stompa€30,00€250,00


All prices on this page are an indication. We work with set prices per model base to make it easyer to calculate the total price. 

– For every Hero and or mounted model (on disk, horse and so on) we ask an aditional fee of €4,00. 
– You want a terrain piece painted? Please ask us for a qoute!
– For every 2000 points of warhammer game points worth of models you deliver to us at once we calculate a “complete army” discount of €20,00 and we paint 1 terrain piece for free. 
– Includes a simple one color sand base with matching tufts.

Base sizeexampleassembly pricepaint price per model
32mmPink horror€2,00€4,00
40mmTzaangor Enlightened€2,50€5,00
50mmChaos spawn€2,50€6,00
100mmLord of change€20,00€24,00
130mmThe glottkin€25,00€30,00
60mmFlesh hounds€1,50€3,50
75mmExalted flamer of Tzeench€2,00€7,00
90mmDragon ogors€7,00€10,00
105mmGothizzar Harvester€10,00€16,00
120mmGrey Seer on Screaming Bell€13,00€24,00
170mmBlack Coach€20,00€36,00

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Don’t hesitate to sent us a message! We are also available on Whatsapp!

Phone: 0642164745